radioRadio Broadcasting:

For the past many years since 1997 DJ Aerick Duckhugger has volunteered as a host of various programs on the station KAOS 89.3fm in Olympia, WA. Currently he can be heard as the regular host of the following program:

(Mondays 11pm to 1am)
I’ve added some more details to this page… a funny image… playlists…. mp3s… yeah… the design needs some reworking… but the basics are here for you to see, feel, keel, peel, ee… This show is a weekly show focusing on a free form variety of strange and delightful music.

Previous shows hosted by A.Duckhugger:

Super Secret Lodge Show
(Saturdays 8pm to 10pm)
It was raised from the ashes of the long departed lodge to once again venture foot into twisting halls of audio. Strange and schizophrenic selections of music were scrambled together into a passionately burning spew of sound. This show had also planned to incorporate call-in aspects to it, but that wasn’t often the case.

Owl Cave
(Wednesday night into Thursday Morning)
(1am to 6am)
All night radio that filled the gap between Bryan’s show “Punk Torture Night” and the Thursday Morning Breakfast Special. It focuses on as many genres as I can fit in and seemingly make work together… Indie Rock, Jazz, Metal, Noise, Dub, Soul, Experimental, Hip-Hop, Electronic, etc… The show rounded out during the last two hours with a variety of ambient noise.

Free Things Are Cool
(Wednesdays 9pm to 11pm)
Diana Arens started this show back in 1991. Often a venue for live acts during the nights Diana hosts, the show focuses on a variety of primarily independent bands. Aerick acted as an alternating host with Diana from July of 2001 to August 2004.

Warbled Wooden WRD Shack
(Fridays 10pm to 11pm)
Along with a variety of co-hosts or occasionally flying solo, This was an experimental mixing show with a focus on “the Spoken Wrd”. What that entailed, however, was pretty open and could be anything from poetry to gibberish or from telling stories to reading the phone book randomly.

(the original) Super Secret Lodge Show
(various late night timeslots)