side-design-musicPlastic Duck Recordings:

A cassette tape label that I started back in 1996, excited over the prospect of releasing/sharing music from Artists that I loved and from projects that I myself had started working on.

It lasted for a good many years but tapered off and went pretty dormant as the year 2000 loomed forward and passed by. It became more of a hassle for me to make tapes and send them as my decks began to wear out and die.

Now, with the coming of I’ve decided to revive the label as a free mp3 site!! The site was in construction phase and then never really got out of that phase… perhaps it’s good enough as it is? The mp3s are there for a number of releases… some holes intentional… enjoy?:

((Updated: Jan 14th of 2016))

Wood Paneling:

The balladeers of the Mason County mystique. Sons of the rotting pine groves who warble with devil claws and whiskey stumps!! Duckhugger, Tarhootfish, and Earl Rural compose the main members of this troupe. Although sometimes plus or minus a member or two.

((Updated: Jan 11th of 2016))

Early Morning Initials:

When Aerick started fiddling around with songwriting and soundcrafting back in 1996 he wasn’t sure what to go by. He knew, however, that he wished to avoid going by his name Aerick Mackintosh so as not to be lumped in a some kind of singer/songwriter type. Seeing those initials = AM… this name that he came up with sounded more interesting and somehow made sense to him… perhaps.


Olympia Experimental Music Festival:

A wonderful festival that pokes up in the early summer months of Olympia and figures a wonderul array of strange musics for you. I’ve been involved with the booking and promotional efforts in the past. Wood Paneling has played various festivals past. Currently in the hands of the lovely and strange miss Domenica Clark.