About Aerick Duckhugger

aerickheadphonesAerick Sigfred Michael Mackintosh is a strange fellow who crawled forth from the pines of Mason County. Most of his life had been spent growing up tucked into a corner cove of the case inlet, in a small town called Allyn, Washington. He now lives in the Thurston County area (wherein lies thee fabulous Olympia, WA) and schemes upon a variety of projects (some of which actually see the light of day and others which creep slowly in various states of “urrr….”).

Aerick is also currently attending the Evergreen State College (after years of procrastinating on doing so). The experience so far is pleasant enough… lots of curious things to learn and absorb. He’s been studying art, media, and language primarily. Will be filling out an application to travel to Kobe, Japan (Hyogo University) during his Senior year. Currently working as the intern at the Multimedia Lab in TESC’s Electronic Media dept.

This site marks the place where you may learn about some of these projects past, present, and future. Artwork, music, and other sensory delights. The hope is that some of this will enchant you in some way or another.

Birthday (誕生日):
Birthplace (出生地):
Bremerton, WA (ブレマートン、ワ州)
Hair Color (髪色):
Blonde/Brown (ブロンド・茶色)
Eye Color (目色):
Dull Blue (くすんだ青い)
Teeth (歯) :
Messed up (滅茶苦茶)
Favorite Food (好きな食べ物):
Sandwiches (サンドイッチ)
Favorite Condiment (好きな調味料):
Mayonaise (マヨネーズ)
Favorite Wine (好きなワイン):
Boxed Merlot (ダンボール箱のメルロー)

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