You’ve reached these sparkling shores of crushed green glass and magic dust. A spinning of projects past, present, and future from a fellow known as Aerick Duckhugger. Feel free to become acquainted with the contents of this site. More shall be added and altered over time… for example…

What’s New

A Well, I’m continuing to wrap up more and more loose ends and things to get done in my preparations for my stay in Miyazaki, Japan. The TESC International Studies Dean has finally approved my independant study contract so I’m pretty much ready to depart here on the 30th (coming so soon, oh my!). I may not be posting much or changning much on this site here over this period of time. If you want to follow what I’m doing, I’ll be posting much of what I do while in Japan up at my blog here.

As promised, or rather “warned” I suppose, I’ve taken down the mp3 archives of the Chuggypig Unlimited Express and that cove of my site now exists only to house an archive of playlists for past shows. It should be noted again, as I’ve noted before, that I’m planning on coming back to the show on KAOS at some point after I return from Japan in a year. There is also a good chance I may figure out about doing a podcast kind of thing while I’m in Japan. If I do, it will be posted at my blog as well.